Woodruff Strategies focuses on the social innovation sector, working with a broad range of philanthropic entities, including private, family and community foundations, to address fundamental questions about mission, vision, and impact, and how they can best use resources to address increasingly complex and long-standing social problems.  

A solutions architect with more than 25 years experience in the non-profit sector, Judith Woodruff has proven her ability to provide collaborative leadership, cultivate deep funding and community partnerships, and develop strategies to scale up successful programs.  She is skilled at intentional thinking and planning, evaluation and solutions design, project implementation, organizational change, and building collaborative partnerships.

Woodruff Strategies helps foundations, nonprofits, corporations, educational institutions and government agencies realize greater impact, improve performance, and achieve sustainability by:  

  • Looking at systems beyond the organization, across organizational or disciplinary boundaries, exploring networks and collaboration for the greatest community impact.   

  • Helping clients to see the problem through new eyes, visualizing combinations or hybrids of existing elements to create solutions.

  • Providing leadership in a period of transition or growth. 

  • Capturing lightning in a bottle.

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Woodruff Strategies works collaboratively with organizations to produce successful and meaningful results.  By analyzing the issues and working with partners to develop creative and achievable solutions, we approach each and every consulting project with an open mind and hopeful heart.  We accomplish success by:  

  • Beginning with self-knowledge.
  • Maintaining an authentic, positive presence, and making a commitment to mutual success in the relationship.
  • Creating a climate of safety that allows all people to discuss concerns, solve problems, and deal directly with issues.
  • Being sincere and direct.
  • Asking wise people for advice.
  • Taking responsibility for the circumstances of the situation, the choices made and the consequences of actions.  
  • Demonstrating a willingness to understand the concerns, intentions and motivations of others.
  • Using problem-solving methods that promote a cooperative atmosphere.
  • Operating consistently with our ethical beliefs.


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Innovative solutions to today’s complex social problems often develop when we connect peers, consultants, content experts, clients and stakeholders to each other in order to gain from the wisdom of all. 

Within the social innovation sector, many people believe that working on the same project means there is a partnership.  Images abound of the concept of partnership, we see two people shaking hands, links of a chain, or pieces of a puzzle fitting together.  Do we mean that we have an agreement, or that we’re bound to each other?  Do we mean we are coordinating activities and cooperating to win a prize?  Or are we collaborating for solutions to a problem? Are we partnering to grow new ideas into reality? Are we relying on each other to reach a goal?

Woodruff Strategies will help guide your organization through the collaborative process to choose which kind of relationship you need to make change happen.  And like a sherpa, we're hardy, we have special expertise, and we're experienced with the peaks and valleys of social change work.  We won't let you fail, and we'll bring along the prayer flags just in case.