Based on her extensive experience developing successful national programs, the Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation hired Judith in 2014 to help design and launch the Hillman Innovations in Care program, a multi-year, multi-million dollar initiative created to expand leading edge, nursing-driven programs that address the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations. Judith was involved in every aspect of the design and implementation of the program, including development of the RFP, creating informational webinars, assembling a top-tier advisory committee and leading site visits of potential grantees.

From 2005 to 2013, Judith was the National Program Director of the $35 million Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future partnership initiative with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, facilitating 61 projects in 37 states and the Pacific Territories, which included more than 250 funding partners and 500 community partners. The program enabled local and regional foundations to act as catalysts in developing strategies to create a stable, adequate nursing workforce for the 21st Century. Her responsibilities included program design, grantmaking, partnership development, organizational leadership, technical assistance, and managing staff, a dozen consultants and an annual operating budget of $1 million. For more information on the program, go to

Judith was also Program Director, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Director of Grant Programs at the Northwest Health Foundation (Portland, Oregon) from 2001 to 2013.  She was responsible for a 10-year focus on statewide health workforce development, and developing strategic partnerships focused on recruiting, educating and retaining a workforce to meet the demand created by health system transformation and an increasingly diverse and aging society. These projects included a five-year, $5 million nursing initiative that led to the redesign of nursing education for Oregon and for 18 other states.  Previously she developed the Foundation’s extensive Community Based Participatory Research program, Kaiser Permanente Community Fund, and other strategic initiatives.

In 2012, Judith served as the Strategic Facilitator for the National Nurse Funders Collaborative.  In that role, she worked with other national and local foundation leaders to develop partnerships to achieve results, including guiding the group to create an impact framework.  Members of the collaborative include the John A. Hartford Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Florida.

Prior to Judith's work in philanthropy, Judith was an Assistant Attorney General with the Oregon Department of Justice Charitable Activities Section.  She represented the state to enforce civil laws regarding nonprofit organization creation, registration and dissolution.  She often worked as the "turnaround" expert, helping boards experiencing conflict and providing technical assistance to organizations to ensure continuous operations.  She was responsible for detecting and correcting misappropriation of funds from nonprofit organizations, assuring compliance with charitable donors' intent and monitoring Board and Trustee compliance with fiduciary duties.